I am an attorney and a licensed mediator in Israel.

I mediate civil and commercial cases, as well as cases involving family conflicts.

I earned an LL.B. as well as an LL.M. from Tel Aviv University, where I specialized in commercial law.

I am trilingual (English, French, Hebrew) and mediate in these languages.


Prior to becoming a mediator, I served as a consultant and assistant to the Israel Ambassador to UNESCO in Paris. During this period, I was involved in diplomatic work and de facto mediation between representatives of various countries. A major issue at the time was the nomination and preservation of World Heritage sites in Israel, in which I played a major role. 

As a lawyer and as a mediator I have an understanding of the psychological and sociological aspects of the sides in conflict. The mediation process leads the parties to work out their own agreement, which is projected towards the future. It can be drafted into an official agreement, enabling all sides to live according to it for many years.


As an optimist, I believe that people have the ability to reach the best solutions for themselves, even in the most difficult times or a crisis. They might just need a little help and guidance.

As Albert Einstein once said “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.

Parties in conflict sometimes need time to overcome obstacles, but ultimately realize that the end result was worth of mediation. 

I have a holistic approach to mediation, believing that the end result of the process is beneficial not only to each side but also to those indirectly involved. For example, the children who will be affected by a divorce agreement. 

There is deep satisfaction for all when a mediation process is finalized and the parties have reached agreements and solutions.