As an experienced Mediator, I believe in Mediation and the advantages it offers as being the best means to resolving disputes amicably between parties to a conflict.

Not only am I a strong believer in Mediation, but I am also active in promoting it by teaching, talking about it in the media and participating as a judge in international mediation competitions.

I am happy for every opportunity I have to talk about Mediation and its advantages. I enjoy leading workshops for different groups and sharing my knowledge.

conferences and workshops

מימדי הזמן בגישור »:
הרצאה שלי בזום במסגרת הרצאות של ארגון המגשרים – 17.4.20

מבט על גישור ומנגנוני יישוב סכסוכים בהסכמה »:
הרצאה שלי בזום, בקפה דעת, « האוניברסיטה העממית » בירושלים – 25.5.20